"You feel like 'I get what I'm doing, I'm running to the side, I'm shooting enemies.' And then all of the sudden you drop down and you're in a diffrent section and you're like 'Oh cool.' And then a frigg'en BOSS shows up. And you're like 'Oh, this is like a GAME game!'..." ~Random Assault

"In the year 16XX the city of Mecha-Tokyo has been infested with strange and powerful yōkai-bots! Where did they come from and why are they destroying the city? It's up to Giga, Tera and the other super robots to find out and stop them!"

Mecha-Tokyo Rush is an on-rails action platformer coming soon to PC and mobile with gameplay inspirations ranging from MegaMan and Contra to Robot Unicorn Attack and Canabalt. MTR uses simple 2 button controlls to adapt the feel of retro 8-bit platformers to modern platforms, while retaining the challenging platform puzzels and boss fights to give you the depth and difficulty you'd expect from a game right out of the late 80s in your hands today!

Features Include!

  • 8 playable characters, each with their own weapons
  • Dozens of new pieces of equipment to unlock
  • Procedurally built levels
  • Loads of unique enemies and boss fights
  • ...and always more content coming soon!

System Requirements

  • TBA
  • TBA
Game Information

Platforms - Windows / Android
Cost - Free to play
Release - TBA
Players - 1
Genre - On-Rails Action Platformer


Designed & Created by Daniel Whiteman
Co-Produced by Jason Whiteman